Vegetarian Dating A Carnivore? Community is the Place for You (Both).

If you say potato and he says steak or you say tomato and she says pork belly, no doubt you are in the throes of a mixed relationship: one that involves the complex culinary curiosity of the meat-eater who is dating (or related to) a vegetarian.

Don’t let your Yin-Yang dining disposition cause you to call off a perfectly good meal out! What you need is the flexitarian haven of Community Food and Juice (2893 Broadway @112th St.), a delicious Upper West Side restaurant serving seasonal American fare from 8am through late-night dessert (with brunch on weekends).

Vegetarians can dig into the Veggie Scramble with egg whites, market vegetables and 7-grain toast, while the meat eater among you will go nuts for house made chicken-apple-rosemary sausage over carrot hash browns. For dinner, swap starters of zucchini-scallion pancakes and curried chickpea fritters before pairing a craft beer or organic wine with an antibiotic-free, grass-fed burger or roasted pumpkin and butternut squash ravioli. The best part? Behind the warm, sun-washed space is a Green-certified kitchen equipped with energy-efficient appliances and a compost bin turning your guilty scraps into farmer’s gold.

Read more about Community’s inclusive menu and reserve a spot for your own flexitarian date.

How to Navigate the Stormy Seas of Sustainable Seafood

Choosing sustainable seafood can be tricky. Some species are endangered, while others can contain high levels of toxins or chemicals. But there’s help: a recently released list from Food and Water Watch steers you towards healthier and environmentally friendly fish. If you’re in a rush, be sure to review their Dirty Dozen of seafood and note which to avoid in restaurants and grocery stores. Click here to learn more.

Get Sustainable Food Information Wherever You Are

Take a guide to sustainable eating with you everywhere you go by downloading this app today.

Following in the steps of FishPhone, The Center for Food Safety has debuted its mobile app, the True Food Shopper’s Guide. The app has includes tips for shoppers, a guide to thousands of genetically modified foods to avoid, and a list of green food companies and supermarkets. iPhone and Android cell phone users can download the free guide by searching for “True Food.”

The “Fast Food” Track to Unhealthy Living

Would you like some dimethylpolysiloxane in your food? It’s commonly found in McNuggets and silicone caulk. Perhaps you’d prefer the titanium dioxide in the ranch dressing (it’s also found in sunscreens).  Did you know that “bacon” could include “over 18 ingredients”? While the extreme caloric content of fast food is generally understood to be unhealthy, there are many other shocking effects the fast food industry has had on our society, economy and health.

Take a look at the full version of this terrifying graphic and tell us how you plan to free yourself from this “fast food” track.

Want to Save the World? Just Say No to Meat- Once A Week.

Ad executive turned health advocate Sid Lerner founded the Meatless Monday nonprofit initiative as a part of the Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health. The goal? To reduce meat consumption by 15% and improve personal and planet health – simply by eliminating meat each Monday. Restaurants have taken this initiative to heart, some even offering special Meatless Monday menus every week (as shown in the image above, some of the Batali and Bastianich restaurants are participants). However, this is no fad; NYC celebrity chefs aren’t the only ones promoting this campaign. Baltimore school cafeterias are in their second year of Meatless Mondays, and universities from Kentucky to California have also endorsed the program. A surprising fact: Lerner isn’t a vegetarian; he just figures that better health for all can be had by eating a bit less meat.

Find out more about the Meatless Mondays movement here. What do you think about Meatless Mondays? Will you participate?