It’s Alive! Barry’s Tempeh

You think you know tempeh? You don’t know tempeh. For starters, it’s fermented soy, made with the whole soybean (tofu requires more processing) — except some has no soy at all. Some tempeh is gluten-free. Also, the “always fresh, never frozen,” sales pitch doesn’t apply here. The refrigerated stuff that permeates the city is pasteurized; Barry’s Tempeh is organic, local and fresh-frozen. That means the beneficial bacteria will still go to battle for your body because they’re alive when frozen. And according to tempeh-maker Barry Schwartz, it also means a whole different — and more delicious — final product.

We talked to Barry about his unique and nutrient-conscious approach to tempeh-making, and his tips on finding total veggie-satisfaction. Continue reading

Gefilteria: Fish cakes get fresh for the holidays

Jews and gefilte fish have a complicated relationship. Come Passover and the High Holidays, the oft-maligned fish cakes grace many a family feast. As ovals of seasoned ground fish and matzo meal go down the table, many pass, some cringe, the brave try and a token few ask for seconds.

For those who may not be ready to de-bone their own carp but want to know where their fish comes from, Gefilteria is a modern artisanal company cooking with old school methods and ethical sourcing. Continue reading

NYC Honey Week: Something to Buzz About

What: New York City Honey Week

When: Through September 15.
Honey Day at the High Line
: September 12, 2:00pm to 6:00pm
NYC Honey Festival: September 15, 10:00am-sundown, dinner from 7:00 to 10:00pm.

Where: Honey Day at the High Line: from West 14th-West 22nd Street
Honey Fest at Rockaway Beach: 96th Street concessions stand

How Much: Free admission to events, with food, drinks and honey available for purchase. $20 for festival dinner.

The final days of summer can be bittersweet. Why not celebrate the slow decline in humidity and influx of crisp apples with a week of local, raw, unfiltered honey and one last day at the beach?

The very first NYC Honey Week brings seven sticky-sweet days of honey menus, beverages and special events across all five boroughs. Here are two of the events we’re looking forward to: Continue reading

A Garden Floats in the Anable Basin, LIC

Photo courtesy of Anable Basin

We’ve heard of plans for a floating pool in the East River, and we all know that urban farming has been applied to just about any available space in the city, taking gardens and farms to the sky on building rooftops and beyond. Now, a 22-year-old architecture student at The Cooper Union has taken the two concepts — urban farming and utilizing the precious extra space that the river offers — and created an experimental hydroponic floating garden to grace the East River. Continue reading

Clean Plates, Cool Cravings: Dessert Pop Up With an Entrepreneurial Twist

Close out summer with a delicious exploration of New York City’s most innovative dessert companies curated by Clean Plates and Openhouse Gallery with Yumspring. Cool Cravings & Hot Startups features homemade ice cream, brewed ice pops, soft serve with mounds of fruit and more! All made with fresh, local and small-batch ingredients. Get tickets here and enjoy. Continue reading

From Cave to Counter: Valley Shepherd Creamery

What happens when you combine two engineer-turned-farmers, a love of cheese and a desire to buck the high volume and mediocre quality of many grocery store offerings? One vertically integrated creamery and 29 delicious varieties of cheese.

At Valley Shepherd Creamery, one family controls the product from pasture and pasteurization to cave and counter. The commitment to quality shows: This summer they took second place in the American Cheese Society’s 2012 competition for their Crema de Blue, a spicy, creamy Jersey Cow’s milk, cave-aged for 65 days. Continue reading