Pomegranate Party: A Twist on the French 75 Cocktail

The Red 75

With its early-20th-century Paris roots in a spot called Harry’s New York Bar, the classic “French 75” cocktail traditionally includes cognac or gin mixed with champagne. It packs a punch, but not much nutrition.

So for our holiday toast—and a twist on that cocktail—we turned to Rouge Tomate, the Upper East Side’s Michelin-rated, seasonally inspired new-American restaurant. Wine and Beverage Director Pascaline Lepeltier gave us her refreshed version of the old-time celebratory sip: the “Red 75.” Showcasing organic gin and organic prickly pear juice (this recipe uses organic pomegranate juice for a more seasonal approach; feel free to use a juice of your choice), this drink is a festive visual tease. We also love the frothy egg mixed in.

“This is a celebration cocktail, combining the taste and the incredible vibrance of the pomegranate color to the bubbly touch of the champagne,” says Lepeltier. “This Rouge Tomate variation—by using seasonal and rich-in-nutrients ingredients—is a perfect indulgence cocktail for the holiday season.”

We’re red-y, are you?

Red 75
1 oz. organic gin (Rouge Tomate uses Farmer’s)
1½ oz. organic pomegranate juice
½ oz. organic lemon juice
½ oz. organic agave
½ oz. organic egg
¾ oz. Aperol
2 oz. organic champagne

In a mixing glass, add all ingredients but the champagne; shake with ice. Pour the champagne into a champagne coupe, then strain the cocktail and pour over it. No garnish; the drink should have a nice, white foam.

Rouge Tomate
10 E. 60th St.
646 237-8977

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