NYC Honey Week: Something to Buzz About


What: New York City Honey Week

When: Through September 15.
Honey Day at the High Line
: September 12, 2:00pm to 6:00pm
NYC Honey Festival: September 15, 10:00am-sundown, dinner from 7:00 to 10:00pm.

Where: Honey Day at the High Line: from West 14th-West 22nd Street
Honey Fest at Rockaway Beach: 96th Street concessions stand

How Much: Free admission to events, with food, drinks and honey available for purchase. $20 for festival dinner.

The final days of summer can be bittersweet. Why not celebrate the slow decline in humidity and influx of crisp apples with a week of local, raw, unfiltered honey and one last day at the beach?

The very first NYC Honey Week brings seven sticky-sweet days of honey menus, beverages and special events across all five boroughs. Here are two of the events we’re looking forward to:

Swing by Honey Day at the High Line on Wednesday, September 12. A pop-up artisanal market features hands-on educational activities, free tastings and sweet treats to buy, like People’s Pops honey pops.

Amateur and practiced beekeepers, and honey lovers of all ages best make a beeline to the boardwalk this Saturday, September 15, for the second annual New York City Honey Festival. Head to Rockaway Beach Club Concessions for a day of honey beer brewing and beekeeping demonstrations, plus bumblebee mural painting and plenty of edibles: honey mustard pickles and a honey-tasting contest. Stay down the shore for a sweet night of music, art and honey-themed dishes and drinks.

There will be no commercial or imported honey, nor corn syrup imposters here. Expect a strong showing of passionate local “beeks” — “beekeepers” to the non-apiary crowd — and honey artists from NYC and surrounding areas all serving up raw, unfiltered honey. Look for Borough Bees, Honeydrop Beverages, mead-makers Enlightenment Wines and the chili-infused Mike’s Hot Honey. The festival is hosted by Brooklyn Grange Farm, the city’s first and largest professional apiary.

Responsibly indulge your sweet tooth, and make time to toast our little friends this week. After narrowly escaping Bee Colony Collapse, they continue their hard work ensuring fruits and vegetables are pollinated; sipping a few honey-sweetened cocktails and throwing back a few teaspoons is a sweet way to support local bees.

Images courtesy of NYC Honey Festival.




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