Swoon-Worthy Smoothies at One Lucky Duck


If you appreciate a delicious smoothie made with top-notch organic ingredients as much as I do, then get yourself to One Lucky Duck in Gramercy Park tout de suite. Do not pass Go, and do not collect $200 (unless you need it for your smoothie budget).

I’ve only tried two of One Lucky Duck’s smoothies (or “shakes,” as they call them), and both have blown my mind. The first is the oddly named “Spanking” ($12), a blend of fresh coconut, blueberry, banana, cashew milk, cinnamon and vanilla that will rock your socks off. It’s an indulgent, delicious treat, sweet but not too sweet, and of course, loaded with nutrients. The second shake I tried, which quickly became my Very Favorite Smoothie in the Universe, is called “Sarma’s Favorite Green Shake” ($14, pictured above), and I’ll boldly claim that it is the tastiest green smoothie you will ever encounter. The bitterness of kale and chard is undercut with grapefruit and pineapple, with the zip and zest of cilantro and parsley to brighten the flavor further, plus a dash of Stevia and sea salt (plus mellowing cucumber). It is, in a word, delicious, not to mention nutritious, and it truly leaves me feeling high.

Now, I realize $12+ for a smoothie may sound absurd, especially in these lean economic times. The menu does include $8 and $9 smoothies as well, and it’s probably hard to find a good smoothie in NYC for less than that (if you disagree, by all means, please let me know!). But at One Lucky Duck, you’re definitely paying for quality, organic ingredients. And if you groove on a delicious, nutritious smoothie as much as I do — well, rest assured, you will be glad you spent the cash.

(Note, One Lucky Duck sells more than just smoothies — read our full review of the restaurant here.)

What’s your favorite smoothie, in NYC or elsewhere? Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe? Share the love!

Amanda Hirsch is the Managing Editor of Clean Plates. A writer and performer, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Jordan, their dog, Cosmo, and a lot of people with mustaches.

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